Landmann USA 28925 Ball of Fire Outdoor Fireplace Outdoors, the warmth of a fire is always a welcome. Cleaning it up afterwards is another story. We love to gather around campfires during the summer and fall whether in camping trips, the beaches, or simply having a leisurely time-off in our backyards. Bringing all the wood, coal and matches anywhere can be tiresome enough. It’s a good thing we can now bring portable fire pits with us wherever we go; these provide the same fun and warmth as any regular fire does, and they do not leave any mess behind.

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This no-mess feature has made portable fire pits popular wherever available. Although fire pits have been used for a long time already, their portability features is just a new concept. Most parks and camping grounds are littered with some type of metal basins complete with coal inside them, which are used as temporary pits for fires. Rather than scouring around searching for these, people can now have their own pits with them. There is still a need to bring word and coal, though they only need small amounts of it to start and enjoy their outdoor fires. The best part of it all is that those swirling ashes and burnt ground are easily cleaned up anytime afterwards.

Portability is a great advantage people cannot afford not to have outdoors. Modern portable fire pits are made with copper or bronze basins that are conveniently easy to lift. To contain fires, a spark screen made of powder-coated steel is made available to every pit. The lightweight design means these pits can be taken anywhere. Essentially, fire pits in the sense makes outdoor fire portable. The less time needed to create fire means people do not have to craft out their own pits anymore from the earth.

Various brands and designs are available in the market today that makes fire pits portable to carry around anywhere. It would be good to take a close look first since they vary in their features and specs.

Portable Fire Pit Considerations

  • Size – fire pits with portable features clearly vary in size. Size indeed matters depending on their use outdoors. With large pickup trucks, people can haul them around with no problem at all. Before purchasing one, people must consider their cars and that the fire pits must fit snugly inside them. To those who want something small, they can have relatively small pits with diameters of 22 ½ “. They can move up in the size from there.
  • Portability – how portable do people want their fire pits to be? Here, weight is among the main issue that needs to be carefully considered. Some pits are made of sturdy, thicker metals. Picking them up and moving them around with ease is one great feature everyone must have with their fire pits.

Versatility and design are important features that define portable fire pits. Available designs have specific uses, and most are to be used with grill grates over them as barbecue pits. Some also come with mesh lids. Upright fire pits have other uses other than grilling. Fire pits are typically manufactured; some require assembly before anyone can start building fire. All the hardware used with the appliance is sealed in plastic bags upon purchase.