CobraCo SH101 Hand Hammered 100% Copper Fire PitAccentuate your garden or patio with a CobraCo SH101 Hand Hammered 100% Copper Fire Pit Tub with Screen and Cover. This extra deep tub fire pit will keep you warm and fuzzy all night. Chip in lots of wood in it and let the pit do the job for you as you sit back and relax in mellow contemplation.

Where To Buy?

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Longer Lasting Fires

The CobraCo SH101 Hand Hammered 100% Copper Fire Pit Tub with Screen and Cover is perfect for bigger, longer-lasting fires that will stand for a long period of time. The hand-hammered copper selection ages perfectly to a fine, rustic hue as you burn wood in it. The natural weathering of this copper pit makes it easier to fit in whatever landscape or setting it is put in. As its color evolves, the sturdiness of the fire pit remains intact.

It’s Best Features

The tub rests in a conventional but sturdy black wrought iron stand. Its diameter measures 30 inches so it can comfortably warm small and big gatherings alike. It comes with its own high-performance wire mesh screen covered with high-temperature paint. The vinyl cover that is also provided secures the tub’s essential features with a durable elastic band to prevent the fire pit from getting damaged by rain, snow, and debris. It is portable, easy to use, and clean.

Features of the CobraCo SH101 Hand Hammered 100% Copper Fire Pit Tub:CobraCo SH101 Hand Hammered 100% Copper Fire Pit

  • Features a wide, deep fire tub that holds bigger and longer lasting fire
  • Made from 100% hand-hammered copper
  • Color ages into a beautiful rustic look as a result of natural weathering
  • Comes with a sturdy wire mesh
  • Includes a heavy duty vinyl storage cover that protects all sides of the tub
  • Easy to clean – just tilt the pit and scrape off ashes to a container
  • Portable – carry it to parks, camping trips, and friend’s houses
  • Weighs 29.5 pounds and measures 30 x 30 x 21 inches

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User Reviews of the CobraCo SH101 Hand Hammered 100% Copper Fire Pit Tub

On average, customers gave CobraCo SH101 Hand Hammered 100% Copper Fire Pit Tub with Screen and Cover 3 out of 5 stars in Amazon. Users generally admire the fine rustic appearance that the burning does to the pit. There were, however, a few negative remarks on the durability of the wire mesh that comes with the package. But overall, there were more positive comments than negative ones.

One of the users commented on the functionality of the pit. Like many others who purchased this product, the user was pleased with how big the capacity of the pit was. There is plenty of room for wood and you can put as many as you can inside without worrying about it tipping over. It is safe to use and fairly easy to assemble.

Others who gave low ratings to this product claim that the hand-hammered copper did not look authentically hand-hammered. Some who were good with the purchase also noticed that the copper and iron stands were a bit thinner than what they expected.

If you are generally a fan of rustic accents and longer lasting fires, this fire pit will suit your taste. Out of all the positive and negative comments, the only way for you to know if this is an excellent buy is to try one for yourself.

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