Add warmth to a cool evening spent sipping hot coffee on your porch with this 34″ Square Wood Burning Steel Fire Pit with Granite Surround and Cover in dark brown. Relax as you let this beautiful granite fire pit bring you to a place of ultimate relaxation. Place it anywhere—on your veranda, porch, or garden—to bring a touch of elegance to your surroundings instantly.

This 34″ Square Wood Burning Steel Fire Pit with Granite Surround and Cover is made of high-quality materials only. The unique square design sports an overall steel frame complete with high-grade marbles to furnish the edges of the top board. The unit is weatherproofed to preserve its elegant look and protect it from harmful elements outdoor. Each unit comes with an attractive removable lid that serves as a shield for flying sparks and embers. The steel support legs are built with precision to ensure its durability.

Features of the 34″ Square Wood Burning Steel Fire Pit

  • Comes with a cover
  • Includes a removable lid
  • Power Source: Burning Wood
  • Framing material used is steel
  • Overall finish is steel
  • Powder-coated
  • Weatherproofed for added protection
  • Measurements: 19.0 ” H x 34.0 ” W x 0. ” D
  • Warranty Specifications: 1 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty

We have stumbled upon useful and interesting reviews from customers who have purchased their own 34″ Square Wood Burning Steel Fire Pit. Majority of the reviews given by users were positive. Those who rated the unit affirmatively generally commented on the attractiveness of the fire pit’s look and its functionality. Others gave negative comments due to the damages incurred by the packaged unit during the shipping process. As a whole, most customers were satisfied that this 34″ Square Wood Burning Steel Fire Pit with Granite Surround and Cover is user-friendly, easy to put together, and powerfully built.

User Reviews of the 34″ Square Wood Burning Steel Fire Pit

Many reviewers rave about the very reliable lid that serves as an excellent griller. Happy customers stated how excited they were to have finally found a fire pit which could let them enjoy roasting marshmallows and meat loafs without the usual hassle. The wide marble top holds dining utensils well and is very easy to clean. The whole family can enjoy a fun recreation and bonding time around this fire pit without worrying about children knocking it over because it’s just so strong. However, a customer advised that before you roast any soft mallows on it, the paint may burn off at first so burn at least one pre-fire before commencing a roasting spree.

There are a few negative comments regarding this fire pit from online users who received their order in a poorly presented package. They claimed that the package they received contained broken or fractured granite slabs. Even if the fire pit looks really good, they had to go through the hassle of getting a replacement. It was disappointing for them but they also mentioned that for this kind of investment, it’s still worth it.

By looking at the reviews of people, the 34″ Square Wood Burning Steel Fire Pit seems to be one of the best purchases you can get at Amazon and for your backyard.