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Outdoor Gas Fire Pit – Our Favorites

Looking to get yourself a nice outdoor gas fire pit?  We’ve got you covered.  Gas fire pits are by no means cheap.  If you do a google search, you’ll find many companies with very expensive fire pits ($1,000+)  that can be custom made.  We aren’t interested in that.  Rather, we just want to point out 3 outdoor gas fire pits that are nice and can do the job well.

Blue Rhino GAD860SP LP Gas Outdoor Firebowl

Blue Rhino GAD860SP LP Gas Outdoor Firebowl with Slate/Marble Mantel

This gas fire pit is an all-star.  We love that it looks great and that it’s a table fire pit.  The bowl is made out of a very hard porcelain so that it can withstand the 40,000 BTU cast iron burner.  The ignition switch and propane tanks are actually hidden so that they aren’t an eyesore.  The table itself (as you’d guess by the title) is made out of slate and marble.  It’s a super popular option on where you can save nearly $100 and get free shipping.

Blue Rhino GAD860SP LP Gas Outdoor FirebowlBlue Rhino GAD860SP LP Gas Outdoor Firebowl

Read more user reviews and check current price at

The Outdoor GreatRoom Company Resin Wicker Fire Pit Table in Saddle

Everything about this gas fire pit spells elegance.  The table is supported by aluminum frame (won’t rust) that is wrapped in a outdoor rated wicker.   It has a black glass table top and the fire pit comes with a cover whenever the fire pit is not being used.  This table also ensures that the ignition and propane tanks are hidden.   Right now it has 4 different reviews on with a  4.8/5 star rating, which is pretty good.  We expect it to become more and more popular.

Outdoor GreatRoom Company Resin Wicker Fire Pit Table in Saddle

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Camp Chef FP29LG Propane Del Rio 'Matchless ignition' Gas Firepit Camp Chef FP29LG Propane Del Rio ‘Matchless ignition’ Gas Firepit

Maybe you don’t care the way it looks.  Maybe it don’t want design and elegance.  You just want a freakin’ fire that you don’t have to break your back to start.  Well, this is it.  The bowl is 24 inches in diameter with decorative lava rock in the center and has a 29 inch surrounding ring.  It’s a matchless ignition that burns at 55,000 BTUs.   It should only be used outdoors and it comes with a cover.  The greatest thing about this gas fire pit is that it’s light and truly portable.  I’d get this model just to take on camping trips.

Camp Chef FP29LG Propane Del Rio 'Matchless ignition' Gas Firepit     Camp Chef FP29LG Propane Del Rio 'Matchless ignition' Gas Firepit

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The Best Fire Pit Tables

Interested in a fire pit table? Fire pit tables are all the rage nowadays.  To be honest, they make complete sense.  Most fire pit tables today blend in well with most backyard themes and styles.  I particularly like that I can use the fire pit table as a normal table in the summer to place drinks and food on it whenever I have guests over.  I also like that I don’t have to move around my outdoor furniture whenever I want to have a fire.  If you’re like me, then you are definitely going to want one.

Here are, in my opinion, the top 3 fire pit tables that you should consider and why.

Strathwood St. Thomas Cast-Aluminum Round Table with Fire Pit

Strathwood St. Thomas Cast-Aluminum Round TableThis is my favorite fire pit table.  It’s elegant, it fits well with most outdoor furniture, and it’s solid as a rock.  It was made to ensure that it could withstand all different types of weather conditions so that it won’t rust or fall apart on you.  The fire pit bowl is big enough to fit 3 large logs for a nice long fire.

What I particularly like the most about this fire pit table is that it comes with a lid that you can place over the copper fire pit bowl.  This way, the entire thing can be transformed into a normal table.  Most people wouldn’t even notice it’s a fire pit with its cover on.

UniFlame WAD820SP 34-Inch Slate & Marble Firepit

UniFlame WAD820SP 34-Inch Slate & Marble Firepit with Copper AccentsHere is another fire pit table that will go with any outdoor theme.  The table itself is made out of a marble slate material that is held up by a cast-iron stand.  It’s very pleasing to the eye and has a huge fire bowl for you to load your logs in and start a fire.  It comes with a spark screen and also promotes air flow really well.

The table portion of this fire pit table isn’t as big as the Strathwood’s, but it’s big enough and it will definitely match your most outdoor themes a little bit better.

Blue Rhino GAD860SP LP Gas Outdoor Firebowl

Blue Rhino GAD860SP LP Gas Outdoor FirebowlHere is the boss of all fire pit tables.  It’s huge, it’s gas powered, maintenance free, and made to last.  The table itself is also made of a hand-crafted marble slate material.  It requires a 20 pound propane tank that you can hide quite well.  It’s ignition switch is located in a hidden panel in order to get the fire going.  It is a little bit pricey, however, this fire pit table is a real hit among online buyers.

The only downside for me is that the flame isn’t as big as some of the wood burning fire pit tables. However, it has so many upsides to it that I’m willing to forget about that.

3 Top Portable Fire Pit Designs Today

Portable Fire Pit DesignsStyle and design is always changing, right?  So are the designs of fire pits; portable ones to be exact.  We just wanted to point out the few that we think still have the attention of those looking to pick one up for their backyard.  We won’t be focusing on wood burning versus gas in this article, just simply aesthetic design.  Here they are:

Fire Pit With A Table

If you do some browsing through some of the fancy home decor blogs or magazines showing fire pit designs, most of them are table combinations.  I’ve even seen tables that look like an elegant dinner table sit with a fire pit sitting in the middle of it.  But that’s not what I’m pointing your attention to.  Most of the “fire pit tables” are simple designs with a little bit of table space, not a ton.  They’re big enough to be able to place your drinks, food, or use them as a foot rest when you don’t have a fire going.  What’s nice about these is that they can be pretty stylish.  The square ones seem to be a little bit nicer than the round ones.  You can even buy them as part of a furniture set so everything matches.  Some of the designs we’ve seen range anywhere from a metal mesh like pattern or a marble stone looking surface.

Cast Iron

Cast Iron is popular because of its durability.  Their heavy, strong, and won’t put a huge dent in your wallet.  People also acquire one of these because of how easy they are to clean.  That’s probably important to someone who wants to take advantage of their fire pit being portable, you’ll absolutely need to be able to clean it easily.  These can come in many different styles today because of its growing popularity.  We’ve seen ones that look like a ball of fire to those that look like giant lanterns.  We have seen this built with a table on them as well.

Copper Fire Pit

These are also popular because of their durability as well.  Some people like how copper can take on its own rustic look after a few fires.  Some people will absolutely hate the way it looks after they’ve used it a few times.  There have been instances where they can turn a greenish color, but not all of them.  The popular ones today have more of a bowl or a deep tub design.  I haven’t seen many with a table combination built into copper fire pits.

You may find fire pits out there like clay and chimney-like fire pits.  There’s also a small market for “fire pit rings” as well if you have a place on the ground that you can build a fire, the ring just contains it.  These all serve their purpose and can do quite well depending on how your patio or backyard is laid out.  However, we haven’t found these to be as popular as the ones that we have pointed out in this article.

Strathwood St. Thomas Cast-Aluminum Round Table

Strathwood St. Thomas Cast-Aluminum Round Table - Click to see price at Amazon

People are curious as to the types and quality of fire pits for sale available in their local stores. You can also grab one for cheap at by clicking here. Looking to purchase the right outdoor fire pits prompts you not to settle simply with the ones that you like just because of looks alone. It does not work that way, you need to look at some important things and features first that helps make an informed decision on your part.

The need is among the main considerations that you have to think about. You are scouring through fire pits for sale because you want to use it for your backyard, the patio, on the deck, or for camping trips. This should get you to consider various models available to suit specific needs.


Here are are a few quality ones (that we really like) for sale on

Another fire pits for sale…

Choice consideration that you have to satisfy is having adequate space. It should cater to any number of persons available for certain occasions. For a typical larger-than-the-usual gathering, you can turn your attention to bigger pits, specifically those with deeper bowls. The bigger the fire that can be accommodated, the more warmth will be afforded, not to mention the more barbecues that can be cooked at a single time.

Landmann USA 28925 Ball of Fire Outdoor Fireplace

Landmann USA 28925 Ball of Fire Outdoor Fireplace - Click to see price at Amazon

The nature of natural or propane gas fire pits differ from conventional fire pits. Here you will have to consider the unit of measurement for thermal energy for the gas burners, commonly called BTU’s and including the quality of the burners themselves. Your considerations should also include propane tank sizes. Most available models utilize 20-pounders of liquid propane tanks, while some of the smaller ones are fully content with small cylinders and the less heat they are programmed to produce. Your considerations should be influenced on the pit are size that needs heating.

Style, for what it represents also makes up your list of considerations. Anywhere you look these days, you are in for a treat with very attractive and sophisticated designs to compliment any outdoor mood or setting. There are also those small enough complete with simple but efficient designs built for portable camping use in almost any outdoor setting possible.

CobraCo SH101 Hand Hammered 100% Copper Fire Pit

CobraCo SH101 Hand Hammered 100% Copper Fire Pit - Click to see price at Amazon

Fire pit table designs are perfect for every outdoor uses. This particular setup functions like fire bowls and pits, fitted inside tables with trimmings to accommodate the edges of the fire bowls. This is perfect for those who want to raise the fire up off the ground; this level setup provides for more heat available for folks in the surroundings. This table design can also be used as a dining table itself; dining with the fire and warmth in the middle can be fun and worth the while. If you want to get the best that fire pits for sale has to offer, then the fire pit table is for you.

The materials that made up fire pits for sale should also be scrutinized. A fire pit model made from quality materials is assured to last for a long time. Cast aluminum, slate, copper and steel are just some of the great options lining up for you. If you want to purchase online, accessing customer reviews of various models will be of great help so you can arrive at a well-informed decision.


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Outdoor Fireplaces – What To Look For

Landmann USA 28925 Ball of Fire Outdoor Fireplace

Landmann USA 28925 Ball of Fire Outdoor Fireplace - Click to see prices at Amazon

Outdoor fireplaces are probably one of the best features that camping trips and a simple backyard and patio area adventure can offer. These are often associated with all the memories of families, friends and probably anyone gathering over and enjoying the moment and the warmth that controlled fire offers in outdoor environments.

Typical outdoor fireplaces are generally messy in most cases, especially in surrounding areas; the construction of specially designed areas is needed to maintain the integrity and safety of the fire that will be enjoyed by everyone. The growing popularity of the fun events surrounding fireplaces in outdoor settings has surpassed traditional settings. Anyone can shop and purchase online, aside from roaming around local stores. It is good to know that prices anywhere are relatively cheap; you need not shell out huge sums just for this simple fire-producing device. has some great looking outdoor fireplaces for pretty cheap, click here to check them out.

Strathwood St. Thomas Cast-Aluminum Round Table

Strathwood St. Thomas Cast-Aluminum Round Table - Click to see prices at Amazon

Outdoor fireplaces are available in the market these days in a wide variety of designs and functions. As an example, there are fireplaces that utilize either wood or gas to create and maintain a controlled burning fire. There are also types that use gel substances to burn fire that is environment-friendly in most ways, and is not harmful at all when inhaled moderately. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about the mess afterwards since it is easy to clean and maintain. The gas-operated fireplace is also easy to operate, it simply requires to gas to start running the fire.

The wood and tile fireplace types are carefully designed to compliment outdoor surroundings, and it works well on any outdoor terrain and even in regular patio areas. For those who want something more personal, they can go for custom-designed fireplaces for a unique feel and touch. These can be rather expensive though, and in some cases hard to maintain.

Weber 2726 Wood Burning Fireplace

Weber 2726 Wood Burning Fireplace - Click to see prices at Amazon

There are also available designs that utilize outdoor fire bowl concepts. Oftentimes, this type is favored more than others because of the outdoor elements that sometimes interfere with our control of the fire. Windy evenings are likely to make for unstable fires, which puts users and other people around it at risk for burning. Wooden fire bowl designs can conceal or contain fires in a controlled manner. Safety by the way is among the considerations when choosing ideal outdoor fireplace activities.

Outdoor fireplaces are also a great choice for your home. They are often manufactured as one of the most versatile fireplace anyone can have outdoors. There are variations like the table fire pit set up, where the fire is created and maintain off the ground. This is just perfect for rough terrains and can be carried almost anywhere you please. Another great benefit is that people can also use the table for dining purposes. Eating together with a controlled fire inside is great moment that anyone can cherish. If needed, most outdoor fire pits can also be used for barbecues. They are also one of the safest alternative types to light and enjoy fires outdoors. The little to no maintenance feature is truly a welcome feature in such outdoor adventures.

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Benefits Of Fire Pit Rings

Landmann USA Big Sky Fire Ring

Landmann USA Big Sky Fire Ring - Click to see prices at Amazon

Fire pit rings makes for nice winter settings in backyards, or in garden areas. They are generally not hard to set up and maintain; they function just like your regular fire rings. What is distinguishable is the ability to build fire pits around them that makes for comfort when sitting close by and enjoying the warmth.

People can purchase fire pit rings in local do-it-yourself shops within their areas and simply have them connected to gas, or through natural burning wood.  We also recommend buying them online at to take advantage of lower prices. With it, they can now enjoy a convenient and comfortable outdoor fireplace that makes them warm throughout the chilly nights of the year.

As with all the things in this world fire pit rings costs money to use and maintain, but what is great about this is that they are relatively cheap and easy to build. You are rest assured that you never need to shell out huge amounts on the maintenance costs, and they are designed to last for a very long time. Some of the most efficient fire rings that you can find in the market these days costs no more than a few dollars. They are also portable in nature, meaning you can have it moved anytime and anywhere you would want, either in your backyard or to any suitable place outdoors.

CobraCo FRSTAR369 Evening Sky Campfire Ring

CobraCo FRSTAR369 Evening Sky Campfire Ring - Click to see prices at Amazon

This portability is a welcome in every household, most especially if it has kids who enjoy having a family fire on occasions. Many of the designs available in the market have extra useful features, like a metal bar that functions for cooking. These features make the fire pit the complete all-around solution for family cookouts. Upon purchasing, choosing the fire ring size must be considered with the fire pit size. A 36-inch gas fire pit should allow for 24 to 30 inch fire rings. Since these are used mostly outdoors, you should think about the elements like the wind that will affect the fire that you are creating. Having clearances around the edges of the fire pits will control the fire that should keep you safe when standing directly at the side.

Sportsman FRING30 30-Inch Outdoor Fire Ring

Sportsman FRING30 30-Inch Outdoor Fire Ring - Click to see prices at Amazon

The development of metal welding and the art behind it made modern fire pit rings more sturdy, durable and much more technical especially with the setting up features. This provided folks a better and more convenient solution to the digging of holes and the building of fire rings in it using heavy stones that was the glory of the past. Eventually the idea of the fire rings evolved similar to that of cooking stoves in outdoor environments for portability.

Fire pit rings evolved from those simple stone structures in the past encompassing controlled flames so it would not place anyone near it at risk of burning, especially when people wants to sleep around fire comfortably. Surprisingly with time, we are all witnesses to our different methods and ideas of constructing special pit rings with the idea of maximizing the warmth that the fire can offer including its burn life. Just remember though that having a fire outdoors is something that should not be left attended.

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Outdoor Fire Pits – The Different Types

Weber 2726 Wood Burning Fireplace

Weber 2726 Wood Burning Fireplace - Click to see prices at Amazon

The need for an outdoor fire pit is nothing new. Since time can still remember, we all started with having fire and cooking food with it under the night sky as our roof. We used simple materials and tools, and we dig holes in the ground. Today, we have come a long way and discovered much better ways than the digging-holes routine. We are now blessed with convenient outdoor fire pits built for any outdoor mood or setting that we humans can ever think of. Not only that, we also have the luxury of opting for every decorative features and accessories that makes the outdoor fire ritual more comfortable and fun to everyone around it.

Outdoor fire pits are available in the market in wide varieties and designs these days. has many different styles at low prices, check them out by clicking here.  Here are some of the most popular types that may interest you:

Outdoor Fire Pits Types

CobraCo FB8008 Diamond Mesh Fire Pit

CobraCo FB8008 Diamond Mesh Fire Pit - Click to see prices at Amazon

  • Metal/Steel – a steel fire pit can take up any shape of its own. Many of the metal types are available in unique and decorative designs ideal for permitting proper ventilation needed in every outdoor fire operation. People surrounding it are also in for a treat to the fire dancing on the bowl itself. Metal fire pits gives you two great accessories: the metal bowl and a steel ring. Having metal bowls is heavily favored on almost all outdoor occasions. It comes typically with four legs and is best positioned on dirt or grass grounds. Metal fire pits can get very hot at times; putting them on wooden decks and other likely flammable areas can be very dangerous.
  • Tile and stone – fire pit enthusiasts favor refined and permanent types that suit any outdoor occasion and blends with the mood and natural environments. The stone and tile outdoor fire pits is best for such considerations. Again, sizes vary; from larger models built to accommodate different levels of fire to the much smaller accessories. They can also be tailored according to limitations within both the urban and rural residence. Ideally, the normal pit size should not exceed the three feet standard.
  • Gas/Propane – this fire pit type is just similar to its household barbeque counterparts. A propane and gas fire pit is easy to clean and maintain. If you purchase one, you can also have a kit with all the special logs and hook ups as accessories and decorations. These benefits made this type stand out from others, especially with the less space restrictions and quick cleanup/maintenance operations. The downside though is that it can never be as warm as the log use types.
UniFlame WAD820SP 34-Inch Slate & Marble Firepit with Copper Accents

UniFlame WAD820SP 34-Inch Slate & Marble Firepit with Copper Accents - Click to see prices at Amazon

You also have to take note of having an outdoor fire at a safe distance away from significant structures before positioning one. Check out with the appropriate city office within your locale regarding ordinances procedures and fire codes just keep yourself and the occasion safe for everybody. Aside from that, construction material types should be among your concerns when shopping for outdoor fire pits. What you plan to purchase should strictly define durability and long-term use. As an example, granite and its non-porous qualities will always mean cracking along the surfaces and major degradation of fire pits in the long run. Brick materials also mean more risks to the pit’s overall integrity.




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