Portable Fire Pit DesignsStyle and design is always changing, right?  So are the designs of fire pits; portable ones to be exact.  We just wanted to point out the few that we think still have the attention of those looking to pick one up for their backyard.  We won’t be focusing on wood burning versus gas in this article, just simply aesthetic design.  Here they are:

Fire Pit With A Table

If you do some browsing through some of the fancy home decor blogs or magazines showing fire pit designs, most of them are table combinations.  I’ve even seen tables that look like an elegant dinner table sit with a fire pit sitting in the middle of it.  But that’s not what I’m pointing your attention to.  Most of the “fire pit tables” are simple designs with a little bit of table space, not a ton.  They’re big enough to be able to place your drinks, food, or use them as a foot rest when you don’t have a fire going.  What’s nice about these is that they can be pretty stylish.  The square ones seem to be a little bit nicer than the round ones.  You can even buy them as part of a furniture set so everything matches.  Some of the designs we’ve seen range anywhere from a metal mesh like pattern or a marble stone looking surface.

Cast Iron

Cast Iron is popular because of its durability.  Their heavy, strong, and won’t put a huge dent in your wallet.  People also acquire one of these because of how easy they are to clean.  That’s probably important to someone who wants to take advantage of their fire pit being portable, you’ll absolutely need to be able to clean it easily.  These can come in many different styles today because of its growing popularity.  We’ve seen ones that look like a ball of fire to those that look like giant lanterns.  We have seen this built with a table on them as well.

Copper Fire Pit

These are also popular because of their durability as well.  Some people like how copper can take on its own rustic look after a few fires.  Some people will absolutely hate the way it looks after they’ve used it a few times.  There have been instances where they can turn a greenish color, but not all of them.  The popular ones today have more of a bowl or a deep tub design.  I haven’t seen many with a table combination built into copper fire pits.

You may find fire pits out there like clay and chimney-like fire pits.  There’s also a small market for “fire pit rings” as well if you have a place on the ground that you can build a fire, the ring just contains it.  These all serve their purpose and can do quite well depending on how your patio or backyard is laid out.  However, we haven’t found these to be as popular as the ones that we have pointed out in this article.

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